Jamila Level 1 with Abigail Keyes

Jamila Level 1 March 27-29

The new date has been announced! Mark your calendars for March 27-29, 2020!

Chicago is doing the Jamila Format Level 1 belly dance training and certification with Abigail Keyes!

What is Jamila Format?

  • A dance format created by Jamila Salimpour, the Mother of Tribal-style belly dance, including step and movement families (familiar names like Arabic, Egyptian, and maya), finger cymbal patterns, and history.

Who is it for?

  • ANY belly dancer who wants to learn the roots of Tribal belly dance. Jamila format has influenced ATS®, Tribal Fusion, and even some forms of traditional styles. Many of the step names we know and use came from Jamila! (YES even traditional styles!)
  • All levels! Don’t let the “Level 1” fool you, no matter what your level or style you will be challenged and EVERYONE starts at Level 1!

Who is Abigail Keyes?

  • Kamrah’s belly dance inspiration! I’m so excited about bringing Abigail (whom you may also know as Asharah) to Chicago!

Time and dates?

March 27-29, 2020

Friday, March 27: 9am-12pm, 1:00pm-4:00pm

Saturday, March 28: 9am-12pm, 1:00pm-4:00pm

Sunday, March 29: 9am-12pm, testing starts at 1:30pm

All workshops will be held at Arabesque Studios in Chicago, IL.  Please note all 15 hours of instruction are REQUIRED for testing (but testing is optional!).

There are two options for signing up, but please remember that certification is OPTIONAL and will be separately billed through the Salimpour School at the time of testing.

By clicking below you are agreeing to the payment terms:

  • Payment is due in full before the workshop begins to secure your spot
  • There are NO REFUNDS unless the workshop is canceled*
  • Workshop transfer is allowed, but you MUST contact Kamrah to switch your spot to another dancer. This does NOT apply to testing. If you are gifting workshops to another dancer, please email me to let me know
  • Early Bird Pricing is good until February 24th, 2020. After that the price goes up to Full Price ($500.00) and split cost will no longer be available
  • Payment is done through PayPal but you do not need a PayPal account to purchase

Early Bird Pricing – Full Cost: NO  LONGER AVAILABLE

*If you signed up previously before the date change, and cannot make this new date, refunds will be given. This is the only option for refunds.