Strange and Unusual

Kamrah as a Silent Hill NurseDo the unexpected!  Fuse unusual movements – twitches, creepy isolations and undulations, and screaming fast, explosive hits with belly dance.  Learn the foundations of each of these movements and how to incorporate them into your dance.  Class includes strength conditioning, an explanation of the theory behind the movements, drills, and a creepy combo.

Format: 3-4 hours

Skill Level: Intermediate


Creepy Combos:

This workshop is also offered with just the combos from the full workshop! Get straight to the razor-sharp point with these strange and unusual mini-choreos! We’ll use weird undulations, explosive hits, wild spins, and more. There is a mini-lesson in expression in dance, an exercise in modifying a “normal” combo to be weird, creepy, scary, or whatever tickles your fancy, and then two or three combos from the Strange and Unusual stable.

Format: 90 minutes – 2 hours

Skill Level: Intermediate