Wednesday night classes

I’m now offering Wednesday night classes!  The Tribal fusion class will start at 6:30pm, and the Egyptian and Lebanese belly dance class will start at 7:30pm.  These classes are just the same as the Thursday night classes.  You are welcome to take both, and I’m now offering classes at $80 per month if you would like to take both the Wednesday night and Thursday night classes.  If you still only want to take one class per week, you can either pay $80 for two months or the usual $40 for one month.

Depending on demand and how things go, I have two ways to handle these classes.  I may eventually move all my classes to Wednesday nights, or I may turn the Thursday night classes into Intermediate classes.  My current students are doing so well, they should already be considered Intermediate anyway!!!  In other words, further changes may be made, but we’ll see how things go for now!

The Wednesday night classes are being offered at the Tucson Chinese Shao-lin Center at 2900 E. Broadway, Suite #150.  It’s right next to Laff’s Comedy Club, and has a ton of parking.  This is a fun space, so come check it out!