Belly Dance Classes

Kamrah offers belly dance classes in Chicago!  All of Kamrah’s classes are currently held at the beautiful Arabesque Studios in Chicago, Illinois.

Kamrah also offers an extensive list of belly dance workshops! They are available for workshops all over the country. If you have a date in mind for 2017, please inquire by emailing Kamrah.

If you are interested in belly dance classes in Chicago, Illinois, please visit the Belly Dance Classes page.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop by Kamrah, please visit the Belly Dance Workshops page.

All of Kamrah’s classes are LGBTQIA safe and affirming places.

Styles Offered:

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance is a blend of ATS® (American Tribal Style) belly dance movements (as well as “traditional” belly dance movements) with other forms of dance, including (but not limited to) hip hop (popping, locking, Krumping), modern, and Flamenco.  Modern and Western-style music are commonly used in Tribal Fusion, though classic or folkloric musical pieces can also be used, depending on the dance piece.  Tribal Fusion is fun and dynamic, and tones the muscles for a strong dance posture and presence.

Traditional Belly Dance

Egyptian and Lebanese traditional belly dance styles are fun and feminine.  American cabaret is a mix of Egyptian, Turkish, Greek, and Lebanese (among others) dance, and is often called American “restaurant” belly dance because this is the style of dancing seen in most Middle Eastern and Greek restaurants in the US.  Pieces are performed to classic or modern Middle Eastern music.  While Kamrah mostly performs American cabaret, they do teach and perform the Egyptian and Lebanese styles.  This style is what most people think of when they hear “belly dance.”  Cabaret is fun and fast, and teaches style, grace, and an artful stage presence.

Private Lessons

If you want to up your game, learn complex moves (like Turkish Drops, backbends, floorwork, etc.) that aren’t offered in normal classes, or get personalized feedback of performances or technique, you can book Kamrah for a private lesson.

Rates are dependent on location (renting of space, travel, etc.), so please contact Kamrah for a quote.