Belly Dance Workshops

Kamrah is available to teach belly dance workshops in your area!  Please inquire about rates by emailing Kamrah at kamrah (at) tattooedbellydancer (dot) com.  Note that travel expenses, room and board fees, and other expenses may be required outside of the Chicago, Illinois area.

Please see below for links and a listing of the available belly dance workshops.  If you have a proposal for a new workshop, please contact Kamrah!  They are always open for new ideas for new belly dance workshops.

Click on the links for more information!

General Skills Workshops

Appropriate for belly dancers of all styles

Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy! (All levels)

Belly Dance Basics (Very beginner)

Middle Eastern Rhythms 101 (All levels)

Killer Isolations (Intermediate to Advanced)

Crazy Layers (Advanced)

Emoticon (All levels, all dance styles)

Beyond Basic Sword (Advanced)


Traditional Belly Dance

Raks sharki, danse orientale, etc.

DUM RAKA TAK – Drum solo workshop (Intermediate to Advanced)

Lebanese Belly Dance (All levels)


Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Strange and Unusual (Intermediate)

The Power of the Dark Side…of Belly Dance (Intermediate to Advanced)

Whose Shimmy Is It Anyway? – Improving your Improv (Intermediate)