Online Classes

They’re finally here! Online belly dance classes you can take from anywhere in the world!

The following classes are offered:

All of Kamrah’s classes are LGBTQ+ safe and affirming places.

Sign up through the Crowdcast platform.

Fusion Belly Dance Classes

Beginner Fusion Belly Dance classes are perfect for the beginner. Never danced belly dance before? Start here! In this class, students will learn basic Fusion belly dance posture, movements, and a little bit of attitude. A combo will be offered every two weeks. Drop in anytime! Offered Mondays at 6:00pm CST.

Intermediate/Advanced Fusion Drills is perfect for an intermediate dancer wanting to be challenged, or for an advanced dancer wanting to get in some good, sweaty drills. This class is TOUGH, be prepared to be challenged and work up a sweat. Offered Wednesdays at 6:00pm CST.

Traditional Belly Dance Classes (Raqs Sharqi/Danse Orientale)

Cardio Belly Dance will get your heart rate up! A fast paced belly dance cardio workout based on HIIT principles. Basic belly dance movements are drilled and combined into mini-combos specifically designed to keep the heart going for a satisfying cardio workout. We’ll throw in some traditional fitness conditioning for an all-around, full-body workout. All fitness and dance levels welcome! Have water and a towel available, you will sweat. Offered on first Saturdays at noon CST.