Belly Dance Classes


Kamrah offers belly dance classes in Chicago in both traditional style belly dance (raqs sharqi/danse orientale) and Tribal Fusion!

All classes are held at Arabesque Studios (3120 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL 60618).

All of Kamrah’s classes are LGBTQ+ safe and affirming places.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Classes

Intro to Tribal Fusion classes are good for the beginner with just a bit of experience under their hip scarves! In this class, students will learn basic Tribal Fusion posture, movements, and a little bit of attitude. Be prepared to be challenged, because this class can be a little tough! But Kamrah will help you through it with patient and safe technique instruction. A simple choreography will be offered for the session.

Classes are held every Monday at 6:10pm.

Tribal Fusion Technique is a challenging class for the Intermediate dancer! Deepen your skills with intensive drills, strength training for improving control and tone, and occasional short combos to bring it all together. The focus is on anatomical, muscular dancing, and safe drilling. Layering will also be introduced in this class, so come with your thinking caps on! Please contact the studio or Kamrah before trying out this class, as it is not appropriate for beginners! The Sunday class is PURPLE STAR.

Classes are drop-in friendly and held every Sunday at 12:00pm (noon).


Traditional Belly Dance Classes (Raqs Sharqi/Danse Orientale)

Cardio Belly Dance

Get your heart rate up with this fast paced belly dance cardio workout. Basic belly dance movements are drilled and combined into mini-combos specifically designed to keep the heart going for a satisfying cardio workout. We’ll throw in some traditional fitness conditioning for an all-around, full-body workout. All fitness and dance levels welcome! Bring water!

Classes are drop in friendly and held every Sunday at 1:15pm

Lebanese Belly Dance

Learn to belly dance, Lebanese style!  Lebanese belly dance is energetic, flirty, and fun! Come and learn some Lebanese belly dance movements to add to your repertoire and a fun combo! This class is on hiatus. If you are interested in taking this class, please let Arabesque know!


Kamrah with Belly Dance Sword

Private Lessons

Deepen your practice, get individualized technique instruction and critiques!  Kamrah also offers private and small group belly dance lessons in the Chicago, Illinois area.  If you live outside of this area, you can still sign up for classes, but travel expenses may be added.

Styles Offered:

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance is a blend of ATS® (American Tribal Style) or ITS (Improvisational Tribal Style) belly dance movements with other forms of dance, including (but not limited to) hip hop (popping, locking, Krumping), modern, and Flamenco.  Modern and Western-style music are commonly used in Tribal Fusion, though classic or folkloric musical pieces can also be used, depending on the dance piece.  Tribal Fusion is fun and dynamic, and tones the muscles for a strong dance posture and presence.

Traditional Belly Dance

Egyptian and Lebanese traditional belly dance styles are fun and feminine.  American cabaret is a mix of Egyptian, Turkish, Greek, and Lebanese (among others) dance, and is often called American “restaurant” belly dance because this is the style of dancing seen in most Middle Eastern and Greek restaurants in the US.  Pieces are performed to classic or modern Middle Eastern music.  While Kamrah mostly performs American cabaret, she does teach the Egyptian and Lebanese styles.  This style is what most people think of when they hear “belly dance.”  Cabaret is fun and fast, and teaches style, grace, and an artful stage presence.