Raks Terror

Kamrah at Raks Terror
Kamrah at Raks Terror

Raks Terror V has been announced! Save the date for October 6th, 2018!

Here’s the deal:

I’m looking for pieces that are themed in ritual, horror, or camp, that portray a character or tell a story. It must be based in belly dance primarily, but fusions are fine. This is a paid gig, so please keep that in mind, as it is not appropriate for student troupes unless they are very experienced.

The rules:

  • Haunt rules apply. You cannot touch audience members without prior permission. If you need audience participation, you can have a plant or arrange with the participant ahead of time.
  • Liquid blood or other fluids that can drip and potentially stain the floor are not allowed. (Maybe bring a tarp if you need it?!)
  • No fire as per the venue.
  • This is a horror show. Be horrifying, not offensive. Pieces with difficult subject matter are allowed, but should be done with respect and not be gratuitous (camp gore is fine). Songs that have racist, homophobic, transphobic, or misogynistic lyrics or themes are prohibited. Pieces that gratuitously portray racism, homophobia, transphobia, or misogyny are not allowed.
  • The piece MUST tell a story or portray a character. Get creative!
  • ALL styles of belly dance are welcome
  • Dancers are expected to help promote the show. If you are not able to promote, please do not apply.
  • If you have more than one idea, please enter both separately.

Ready for it? Apply below!

Questions? Please email Kamrah at kamrah@tattooedbellydancer.com (putting RAKS TERROR in the subject line will make sure spam filters won’t catch it!)