Raks Terror

Kamrah at Raks Terror
Kamrah at Raks Terror

Raks Terror VI is going to be something special. Save the date for October 5th, 2019, and prepare for an entirely new experience!

Raks Terror is all about exploring the edges of where belly dance and theatre collide. All styles of belly dance are welcome, under the theme of horror, ritual, or camp.

Pieces should fit a theme, have a developed character, and/or tell a story. Generic depictions (“I’m a vampire”) aren’t really appropriate for Raks Terror. But “I’m a vampire mourning the loss of a favorite human” IS appropriate for Raks Terror. Branch out, think deep, and challenge yourself!

This year we will have something special, soon to be announced, so stay tuned!

The sign up form is below. You do not need a finished piece in order to sign up, but please understand that signing up means that you could be placed in the show, and that you will need to deliver on your piece.