Please take a moment to read through our belly dance FAQs. If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact Kamrah through email (kamrah@tattooedbellydancer.com).

Is belly dance safe for children?

Absolutely! Children love belly dance. What could be more exciting than a beautiful person in sparkly clothes? While there are some belly dance performances in certain events that are not child friendly, belly dance as a whole is suitable for families with children of all ages. If you are concerned about a performance, contact the host of the event and they will definitely let you know.

How much will a performance cost?

That can be a complex answer. The easiest one is: it depends. Belly dancers must pay for the beautiful, glamorous costumes we wear, for travel expenses, for the music we dance to, and for the classes to improve our art. Belly dance is high quality entertainment! The cost to hire a dancer will vary from market to market, from dancer to dancer, and from show to show. You get what you pay for. Please contact Kamrah with event details so that they may provide you with a free quote! There is even a no-hassle, easy-to-use form to contact them for your quote here!

I want to hire you for a bachelor party, why isn’t it listed?

Belly dance is usually not suitable for bachelor parties. Belly dance is a family friendly show and is most suitable for parties where everyone can enjoy themselves together. Belly dance is definitely suitable for your wedding! What a glamorous, unique way to celebrate your special day!

Can I request certain songs for the show?

Absolutely…within reason! A typical, traditional belly dance show will be performed to Middle Eastern music, and Western music isn’t suitable for that type of show. However, Kamrah is one of the few performers who dances all styles of belly dance. If you like a particular song and wish Kamrah to perform to it, contact them and let them know in advance. You must make your requests at least two weeks before your show so that Kamrah has time to become familiar enough with the song to dance to it. Songs that have hate speech (misogynistic, racist, or homophobic/transphobic themes) are not suitable and they will not be considered.

Can I tip belly dancers?

Yes! Tipping the belly dancer is a fantastic way to show your appreciation for their art and skill. The belly dancer will offer their hip (maybe even tease you with it!) or an arm cuff for you to place a bill ($100 bills are a wonderful addition to any beautiful costume!) as a tip. Please do not try to place tips anywhere that is not offered for tipping. Please be respectful of the dancer and the expensive costume. Some dancers may also have a tip jar that will be placed on the stage or on a table for your contributions.

I’m uncomfortable with belly dance and don’t want to watch it. What do I do?

Don’t watch! Like all people, belly dancers are human and want to be liked. If we see that you are uncomfortable with the performance, we will not force you to participate. Belly dancers want people to be happy, and it is our job to provide entertainment for the guests at the party. If you are not entertained, then maybe that’s the time to hit the food table! Seriously, belly dance is not meant to be lewd and we do our best to present tasteful entertainment for the whole family. Kamrah has a blog entry on this very thing, and you can read it here.