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Male Belly Dancer KamrahTeaching Philosophy

Kamrah is a patient and thorough instructor for dancers of all levels, in multiple styles of belly dance. They use a unique approach in instruction, building from the ground up, with visual, verbal, and kinesthetic techniques to reach all learners. Known for their quirky and unusual sense of humor and vivid description, Kamrah can keep students interested and engaged.

They have many years of experience in teaching, as well as knowledge as a massage therapist and scientist for safe, powerful, body-aware movements. Clean, isolated technique is their specialty, suitable for use in all styles of belly dance, and useful for learning layers as students progress. Students of all genders and presentations are always welcome and supported in any of Kamrah’s classes and workshops.

male belly dancer Kamrah
Photo courtesy of Tiela Halpin

Workshop Offerings

Their complete workshop list is here, but a few popular, tried-and-true offerings are below:

Killer Isolations:

Like a hot knife through butter!  Clean isolations are the mark of an advanced dancer. Sharpen up those isolations with a quick anatomy lesson, intense strength training, and then drills.  We’ll work with hip and chest isolations to make clean, sharp, and powerful movements.

Format: 2-3 hours

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Lebanese Belly Dance

In this fun, fast, and challenging workshop, you will learn the differences (and similarities) between Lebanese, Egyptian, and Turkish belly dance.  What makes Lebanese belly dance unique?  Learn a little bit of belly dancing history, as well as the big names in Lebanese belly dance both past and present.

After a fun movement warm-up that reviews some basic belly dance movements, students will then learn some of the signature movements of Lebanese belly dance.  Then, cement your learning with a fun, fast combo.

Format: 2-3 hours

Skill Level: All levels welcome, but some belly dance experience is ideal.


Beyond Basic Sword:

This workshop is not for the faint of heart or for beginners!  Take your sword work to the next level by learning how to dance with your sword…and with an attitude!  Balancing is NOT the focus of this workshop.  We will be working on other techniques to make your sword performances interesting, dynamic, and bold!  Two short combos are offered to integrate concepts and for further practice of these amazing techniques.

Format:  3-4 hours (can be turned into a 2 hour workshop, ask first!)

Skill Level: This is a tough workshop and is not appropriate for beginners.  Intermediate to advanced.  Previous sword experience is strongly recommended.


Strange and Unusual

Do the unexpected!  Fuse unusual movements – twitches, creepy isolations and undulations, and screaming fast, explosive hits with belly dance.  Learn the foundations of each of these movements and how to incorporate them into your dance.  Class includes strength conditioning, an explanation of the theory behind the movements, drills, and a creepy combo.

Format: 3-4 hours

Skill Level: Intermediate

Creepy Combos:

This workshop is also offered with just the combos from the full workshop! Get straight to the razor-sharp point with these strange and unusual mini-choreos! We’ll use weird undulations, explosive hits, wild spins, and more. There is a mini-lesson in expression in dance, an exercise in modifying a “normal” combo to be weird, creepy, scary, or whatever tickles your fancy, and then two or three combos from the Strange and Unusual stable.

Format: 90 minutes – 2 hours

Skill Level: Intermediate

Male Belly Dancer Kamrah in goth costumingInformation for Event Organizers and Workshop Hosts

Rates: Even split of 70/30%. Host covers travel and accommodation costs. Kamrah can provide a contract upon request, or can review and negotiate on your contract.

Short Bio: Kamrah is Chicago’s first trans masculine belly dancer. They have been dancing since 2001, and have traveled all over the country to teach and perform in multiple styles of belly dance. Kamrah is known for their killer isolations, creativity, and theatrical pieces, and for being a soloist in Chicago’s premiere geeky belly dance and fire troupe, Raks Geek. They have produced their own DVD, Killer Isolations, and have taught at such festivals as Tribal Fest, Waking Persephone, Tribal Revolution, and more. Kamrah is dedicated to the safe and effective practice of belly dance, and passes their knowledge as a scientist, a martial artist, and massage therapist on to their students.

Long Bio: Kamrah is Chicago’s first trans masculine belly dancer. They have performed tribal fusion, American cabaret, Lebanese, and Egyptian belly dance since 2001. They have taught at festivals like Tribal Fest® in Sebastopol, CA, the largest tribal belly dance festival in the world, Tempest’s Waking Persephone (Seattle) in 2014, 2015, and 2016, and, Tribal Revolution. Noted for their creativity, isolations, and theatricality, they currently perform throughout the country as a soloist. Kamrah is also a member of Raks Geek (directed by Dawn Xiana Moon), a geek belly dance and fire company based in Chicago that has garnered press from MSN and The Daily Mail and was recently nominated as Runner Up for Best Dance Troupe in Chicago by the Chicago Reader. Kamrah has also danced with Tucson-based Skirt Full of Fire, directed by Jolie Roberson.

They are a trained massage therapist, and their knowledge of anatomy enables them to teach students how to dance both powerfully and safely.

Kamrah has 13 years of experience in a variety of martial arts, including kenpo, jiu-jitsu, karate, and kendo. They won third place at Tae Kwon Do World Championships (White Belt) and studied kung fu with Lou Illar (Sidekicks with Chuck Norris). They are also a research scientist with a background in molecular biology, biochemistry, and immunology and currently manages the undergraduate laboratories at a local university.

They also recently started a student fusion belly dance troupe, Ahsena.

Kamrah currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, and is available for workshops and classes all over the country.

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