Student Dance Troupe – Ahsena

Have you ever wanted to perform with Kamrah?

Now is your chance!

Kamrah is super proud to announce his new student dance troupe, Ahsena! This troupe will be primarily a fusion dance troupe and will focus on Kamrah’s distinctive version of Transnational Fusion. Kamrah focuses on safe and powerful technique, with crisp isolations, layering, and gooey slow moves. Fusion stylization and basic moves are also introduced. You will learn zils and sword.

In order to provide the best possible learning environment for all students, Kamrah has laid down some policies for the troupe. It is important that all students understand that Kamrah takes dance training very seriously, and participation in a troupe calls for a level of dedication above and beyond what most adult students are looking for in a dance class.

Interested? Here are the details:

  • Students MUST have completed at least one full session of Intro to Fusion OR Fusion Technique with Kamrah before admission to the troupe will be considered. Attendance matters, especially for the drop-in Fusion Technique. If you signed up but only came to two classes, this does not count.
  • Students must have a willingness to accept correction and personalized feedback, done in a supportive and criticism-free environment.
  • Drama is for the stage. Please leave it there. If you cannot abide by this, please reconsider applying. We’re all in this together, as a team! Communication is vital and students must be willing to communicate individual needs and problems to Kamrah and to other students in a respectful way. Identities must always be respected.
  • Practice makes perfect. If you are not willing to practice outside of class, then you will find participation in the troupe difficult.

What is expected: Students must come to at LEAST one class per week (preferably the Monday night class, where we will learn the choreographies) with Kamrah and be available for troupe practices (currently on Sundays at 10:45am at Arabesque). Kamrah currently has 2 classes per week, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to schedule. Membership in other troupes is allowed, but please be mindful of the attendance policy. Private lessons can be used as makeups or as a replacement for the weekly classes.

Attendance policy: Kamrah expects the best from their students, but knows that life happens. A 90% attendance rate is necessary for students who wish to perform in the next show. If attendance drops below 70% for an extended time (over more than two sessions), please meet with Kamrah to discuss options. Makeup private lessons are allowed, and can be scheduled with fellow students to defray the costs. Dress rehearsals (scheduled as necessary) are mandatory and students who miss dress rehearsals will not be allowed to perform in the show.

Costuming: A willingness to sew or have someone else sew costumes is needed. Fusion costumes are often custom made. Some costuming elements can be purchased. Kamrah is aware of the time and expense of costuming, so troupe costumes will be minimal in the beginning.

Auditions: It is NOT NECESSARY to audition to join the troupe.  However, depending on the demands of a show and the number of dancers currently in the troupe, it may be necessary for auditions to take place for certain shows. Dancers should be aware that some performances may not call for every dancer in the troupe (stage size, travel required, etc.). Dancers are still in the troupe if they do not perform in all the shows. If payment is received from the show, a percentage will go into the troupe fund (for travel expenses, helping to defray costume costs, etc.) and the rest will be split between the dancers who performed.

Paying gigs: Student troupes typically do not take paying gigs. However, some gigs will occasionally offer payment to all participants. In this case, auditions will be held for all paying gigs. Students should not expect payment for every gig (if Kamrah isn’t getting paid, then no one is getting paid!)

Soloists: Dancers who show dedication, hard work, skill, and perfect attendance may be asked to do solo performances in certain shows. If a dancer chooses to do a solo in a show that the troupe is not a part of, then the dancer is a soloist on her/his own and not as a member of Ahsena.

Still interested? Here’s what YOU get out of it:

  • Personalized instruction in troupe rehearsals and feedback about technique
  • Performance opportunities, both with and without Kamrah
  • Costuming and makeup tips from Kamrah
  • Learn Kamrah’s choreographies, his secrets for technique (that don’t always make it into his weekly classes!), and how to get the most out of your performances

Email Kamrah ( to apply.

(Troupe practice times are subject to change, depending on the availability of rental times)