Belly Dance Workshops Galore!

Wow, so I ended up adding a ton of new belly dance workshops to the line-up!  Creativity struck.  I’m still in the process of adding descriptions and links and pictures (oh, my!), but go check out the new ones so far, here!  These belly dance workshops are fun, exciting, challenging, and ready for YOU, yes, YOU, to host.  If you want to host one of my workshops in your area, please contact me at kamrah (at) tattooedbellydancer (dot) com

I’m also performing a bunch this month and next month.  My calendar, unfortunately, blew up when I updated the site and I don’t know what’s wrong.  So while I’m figuring that out, I’ve put in a temporary calendar with just my public performances.

Last, but NOT LEAST, are my classes here in the Chicago area!  If you want to take belly dance from me, now’s your chance.  The next session starts NEXT WEEK, on July 13th.  Sign up here for the classes. (yeah, I know that’s not me in the picture…please be patient while everything gets updated 😉

UPDATE: JUST ANNOUNCED! I will be joining Arabesque Studios!  I will be offering Intro to Tribal Fusion, a class great for beginners! (For those familiar with Arabesque Studios, this will be a blue star class!).  Classes begin on July 29th, (Monday) at 6:10pm!  Come and learn some Tribal Fusion belly dance!