Even More New Stuff

I now have a store!  It’s now even easier to pay for belly dancing classes!  Go check it out! I will add more things as they come available, but right now you can pay for class cards.

And speaking of class cards, you can now buy 8 class sessions for only $8.00/class, but this is ONLY FOR JUNE!  After June, the price will go up to $9.00/class, so buy your class card NOW!

And speaking of June…June is a special month for me.  It’s my birthday month and my wedding anniversary month.  So I’m going to make June special for you, too.  First is the deal for class cards (only $8.00/class!), but just for June, drop-ins are now only $10!  If you’ve ever wanted to take belly dance classes, this is the time to do it!

I also have private classes available, too, so if you want a private class, you can always contact me for pricing.  Why a private class?  I will analyze your dance technique, help you with your weak areas, and even help with choreography and costuming.  You won’t get that in the public classes!