More Belly Dance!

Wow!  The RAW Artists show was a-mazing!  A very heartfelt thank you to all who came and supported me.   It meant a lot, and it was great to see you all there (and hear you!)

There will be MORE BELLY DANCE!  Huzzah!

I will be in Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive and Festival and this year you won’t be able to avoid me (jk)!  I’ll be performing on the festival stage at 10:20am on Sunday, the 9th.  But you’ll also get to see me in the So You Think You Can Bellydance competition!  Keep your fingers crossed, and you might be able to see me on the pro stage Friday and Saturday nights!

And if you miss me in Vegas, come and see me at Mahin’s Fully Fusion V on September 15th!  This year’s piece will be a belly dance theater performance (what does that mean?  Think Shakespeare meets belly dance meets industrial music…it will be…interesting!)

And…coming soon will be WORKSHOPS!  I will soon be offering a number of potential belly dance workshops, so if you’ve ever wanted to take a class with me, you can think about hosting me.  I’m available for not only the Tucson area but also nationally (hint…I’m going to be in San Diego in November for a few days, so if you want me, you can have me…).  Stay tuned to the website over the next few weeks, and I’ll start rolling out new workshops for you to peruse.

And don’t forget about belly dance classes!  I offer belly dance classes in Tucson, Arizona at ZUZI! Studio and Theater, but I’m also available for private lessons in the surrounding areas.

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