Raks Terror III Announcement

Kat Ross Belly DancerExciting News!

For the first time ever, Raks Terror III will include a very special guest performer and workshop instructor, Kat Ross from Tacoma! In order to make it all possible, Kat will be presenting her belly dance workshop, Understanding Drum Solos, at Arabesque. The workshop will be 2 hours on Oct 1st, from 2-4pm (the same day as Raks Terror III). Cost is $40 ($50 at the door), so sign up now!

Understanding Drum Solos:

Want to learn how to grove with your favorite drummer? Have difficulty following along with the beats? In this workshop, we break down the complexity of the layers of a drum solo in an easy and understandable way. Class will include a small bit of choreography. Previous dance experience recommended.

For more information on Kat, see her website. Kat also has a podcast, Shut Up and Shimmy, and you should check it out! (shameless plug: Kamrah is in one of the episodes).

To sign up, please visit Arabesque’s website.

And don’t forget to come to Raks Terror III (tickets available soon) in order to see Kat’s hilariously campy piece. You really aren’t going to want to miss this show. We are currently also accepting performer applications, so please head on over and submit your horror, ritual, or campy themed Halloween belly dance piece.