The Belly Dance DVD is out!

Kamrah's Killer Isolation Belly Dance DVD
Photography by The Dancer’s Eye

I’m a little behind in my own promotion…geez…but here it is! My Killer Isolations: Sharp Movements for Belly Dance DVD! You can order it from Amazon, either as a physical DVD (standard def) or as a download through Amazon’s Instant Video service, meaning you can rent it or buy it!

Here’s the information on the DVD:

This DVD is meant for all belly dance styles and levels. Strong technique can be utilized by both traditional and non-traditional belly dancers for exciting, safe, and effective dancing!

These aren’t your ordinary basic drills! Kamrah’s Killer Isolations is for the dancer interested in learning more about their body and how to use it for strong, clean, and quick isolations. Using these techniques, your belly dance movements will be strong but effortless, and layering becomes easier!

Kamrah shares her knowledge of anatomy on this DVD to inform the dancer what muscles to use while performing basic belly dance drills. These muscles are then put through their paces in the strengthening section. Kamrah introduces gym-free movements to tone and strengthen the muscles necessary for clean isolations.

The techniques are then introduced, but these aren’t just your basic moves! Kamrah explains how the muscles power each movement for strong technique, and how using these muscles makes layering easier.

Two drill sections test your stamina: a basic drill marathon which goes over the techniques from the previous section, plus an advanced drill that introduces layering using Kamrah’s techniques.

Kamrah then demonstrates the power of these isolations in a beautiful performance!

Interested! Grab one now and start training with me!
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