Beginner Belly Dance Classes

Want to learn belly dance? My beginner belly dance classes are the place to start!

There are so many options, where do I start?

beginner belly dance classes

Easy! Take my Beginner Level 1 course through You can either do the self-guided course, where you get all of the videos at once and can pick your own pace, or get the guided course where you’ll get new videos every week.

Then supplement your weekly practices with my beginner belly dance classes that are live and online! We’ll go over the material in depth, and you’ll get fun tidbits about the music, culture, and more every week. Saiidi breaks!!!

What do I wear? What are the classes like?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! I usually wear yoga pants/leggings and a tank top. Or you can jazz it up with a skirt (just make sure it’s one you can easily move in) and hip scarf!

Live online classes are on Zoom, and I will give you multiple angles for each movement so you can easily follow me. You don’t have to turn your camera on if you aren’t comfortable with it (I just can’t give you feedback that way). But believe me, no one will be watching you, they’ll be watching me!

Do I need any equipment?

Nope! A fitness mat is recommended for some of the KamrahOnline classes but if your knees can take it you won’t need anything at all. Just you, your computer, and a willingness to have fun and learn a new dance!

I’m not a beginner, do you have anything for me?

I do! I have more courses coming up on KamrahOnline, so join my mailing list to get notified when the courses launch. I have layering, isolations, and more coming up soon.

Cardio belly dance with male belly dancer

And if you really want to sweat, check out my YouTube channel where I’ve been uploading some free belly dance classes. Just be warned: it’s all cardio, so have a towel and some water ready because you will sweat.

See you in class!