World Belly Dance Day

Photo courtesy of The Dancer's Eye
Photo courtesy of The Dancer’s Eye

Today is World Belly Dance Day! This day was founded to celebrate the beautiful art of belly dance.

This art form is very dear to me. It gave me a way to express my creativity in a way I never though would be possible. It’s healed my soul, brought my husband and I closer together than ever, and helped me to get into shape (and also love my body the way it is, even as I worked towards getting the body I wanted).

If you’ve never tried belly dance, today is the day to try it. See what this beautiful, empowering art form can do for you, and what you can do for it.

If you are a die-hard fan, please help support your local belly dance artists. Go to a show, or go to a class or a workshop. Please let’s keep the hard-working artists focused on dancing, not on whether or not they’re going to make rent this month. Professional belly dancers can’t do it without their students and their patrons, so thank you for all the support.

Have a beautiful World Belly Dance Day, and go out there and have some fun!