A Note on Classes

I had been asked some questions about my classes and wanted to let everyone know that while they are labeled as “Beginner” classes, they really are suitable for most levels.  I’ve labeled them as beginner because I want people to feel comfortable coming to my classes even if they have little or no belly dance experience.  But I will always challenge any student who comes to my classes.  Plus, the way I teach a move may not be how a student had previously learned the move, and that student may benefit from a different point of view.  So even if you’ve had lots of belly dance classes, come out and give it a try!  You will be challenged!

Wednesday classes are held at the Tucson Chinese Shao-Lin Center, 2900 E. Broadway #150 (right next to Laff’s).  Tribal Fusion starts at 6:30pm and Egyptian & Lebanese belly dance starts at 7:30pm.

Thursday classes are held at BreakOut Studios on 4th Ave., Tucson, AZ.  Tribal Fusion starts at 7:30pm and Egyptian and Lebanese belly dance starts at 8:30pm.

All classes are drop-in friendly, and you can start a class card any time you want!