Belly Dance Classes in Chicago

Wheee!  If you’ve ever wanted to take belly dance classes with me, now is your chance.  I am offering public belly dance classes in Chicago now!  The classes will be held at the Discovery Center on Lincoln on Saturdays at 2:00pm.  The classes start THIS SATURDAY, so sign up now!  Don’t miss a single class!  If you aren’t a beginner, DON’T PANIC…I will challenge any dancer that comes into my class, so drop on by and see if you like it!

Also in more belly dance Chicago news, I will be performing this weekend at The Glint.  This is a fantastic event, so please come and join us.  Support your local belly dancers!

And after that, I’ll be performing at the Arabesque Studio’s Cairo By Night Hafla.  You’ll get to see me perform Tribal fusion style, so if you miss The Glint, come by on June 8th!

Of course, I am always available for private belly dance classes in the Chicago area, so if you want to take personal lessons with me, please contact me.