Raks Geek Shenanigans

Gaea Lady as Rey with fire, for the Raks Geek show on June 16thRaks Geek has two shows coming up! We’re doing another benefit show, this time for Lane Tech Comp Sci. We have a theme, too, Starspace Fighter (basically, science fiction of all kinds)! I’m cooking up a whole new costume and piece for this show, as well as bringing back one I’ve done before. Want to know what the costume looks like before everyone else? Join my Patreon for sneak peeks at the process. No one else gets to see those pictures!

We’re also excited to return to Gen Con! If you’ve never been, this is another chance to see Raks Geek, Chicago’s premiere belly dance and fire troupe, AND experience one of the best gaming conventions!

Lastly, don’t forget to vote for us as Best Dance Troupe for the Best of Chicago. Nominations last until May 19th. Thank you, we really appreciate your vote, and your support of Raks Geek!