Some Belly Dance Thoughts

Our community…had a bit of a problem yesterday.  Lessons were learned, thoughts were shared, and feelings got hurt.  This is what happens when we have such a group of strong women, and belly dancers seem to be stronger than most.

We are trying very hard to bring this community of strong-willed women together, and this may have set us back a bit.  But what the Southern Arizona Belly Dance Association is trying to do is get everyone together so that we have a stronger sense of community, rather than having a bunch of scattered groups that don’t know anyone else and have no idea what other groups’ ethics, training, and business-sense are like.

I strongly urge those of you who have not come to the SABDA meetings to do so.  You cannot judge what we are trying to do without actually coming to the meetings.  We have such a wonderful collection of belly dancers who have so much to offer–and I’m speaking to the entire Tucson community, not just a few dancers here and there–and we need to come together as one, whole community in order to make Tucson a great place to dance.

Keep an eye on the SABDA Community Calendar and my own Calendar for updates on when the meetings are.  The next one will be on April 29th, 2012.