New Belly Dance for the New Year

It’s almost the New Year! How exciting! There are so many opportunities and events for me coming up in the next year, it’s getting hard to keep them all straight!

Here’s what’s in the plan:

  • New class! I will now be joining the Arabesque team by helping to teach the green star class (absolute beginner) Intro to Belly Dance. The classes are pre-register only, and will not run if there are not enough students, so sign up now if you want to start learning belly dance! Classes officially start January 4th, but my class will start on January 8th, and will run Thursdays at 7:20pm. Sign up here.
  • My Secret Project has finally been announced! I am working on producing my very first instructional DVD! I can’t be more excited about this, and I’m eager to get it out as soon as I can. The plan is for release some time before May. Killer Isolations is my new baby! The DVD will be for beginner and intermediate students, and will cover the anatomy of the muscles used for strong, clean isolations, as well as drills, strength training, and more! (Based on my Killer Isolations workshop!)
  • Teaching and performing at Tribal Fest®! I’m also so excited and so humbled to be a part of this festival. If you haven’t been to Tribal Fest® yet, you really should go. It’s a full week of nothing but belly dance, from shopping to workshops to performing! Live music, history being made…it’s all there. I’m offering both my Strange and Unusual and Strange and Unusual: Creepy Combos workshops. Check out the Tribal Fest® 15 page for more information.

There’s even more on the way, so check back often for more information. Keep up with me through my Facebook page or my Twitter. So much going on, 2015 is going to be an awesome year!